A battle among the best gif makers in the world

The Gif Tournament is a bracket-based tournament, similar in style to the NCAA March Madness tournament. Every few months, 64 of the Internet's best gif makers go head-to-head, competing in single-elimination rounds until a champion is crowned. *For more information,
The Gif Tournament begins with a seeding round. Gif makers from all corners of the Internet are invited to submit their gifs and await judgment. Voting is then opened for four days, and the top 64 users move forward into the first round of the Gif Tournament.
A new round begins each Sunday. All gif submissions are 100% anonymous and are posted by user /u/GifTournament. This helps to prevent voting based on user popularity. After three days of voting, the battles are closed and the winners advance.
Is there a prize? You bet your ass their is—reddit gold is given to the top four finalists.


Battle #8 Schedule

enter site Round http://allcitymovingsystems.com/north-vancouver/ Theme enter Round Date
Seeding Open 01/02/2017
One Kids content, adult language 01/22/2017
Two Make ___ Great Again 01/29/2017
Three Sylvester Stallone and/or Uma Thurman 02/05/2017
Four 90s Cartoon 02/12/2017
Five Game of Thrones 02/19/2017
Six Abandon Thread 02/26/2017